Salesforce Savant

Code Park is getting big enough that we need a real tool to help us manage our students and volunteers. Do you know Salesforce? Or are you willing to learn? Help us get the ball rolling on a better system to manage Code Park.

Volunteer Success Tsar

Code Park is a family, and the volunteer success tsar ensure all volunteers are taken care of. Reach out, find out what is going on, and work to make Code Park a home for all.

Video Virtuoso

We’ve got a blog, but we need to take it to the next level with video. It might have killed the radio star, but we want it all on the web: classes, seminars, howtos, and more. Help us create compelling clips for Code Park!

Web Wizard

Pushing new content to the website is a big bottle neck for the media team right now. Help us create a better system for publishing content and make the lives of other Code Park volunteers that much better!