Meet Code Park Volunteer Krishna!

Meet Krishna, one of our Google CS First Storytelling Club volunteers. Krishna is not only a tech tinkerer, but also an enthusiastic teacher in the classroom who enormously broadened the kids horizon with technology and helped them build problem-solving skills. Today, she will share her story with Code Park and her journey in computer science.

Krishna, our Code Park Volunteer, looks at a dragon drawn by a student in Creative Coding - Story Telling at Leonel Castillo Community Center. Courtesy of Wanjun Zhang. October 29th, 2018.

Krishna, our Code Park Volunteer, looks at a dragon drawn by a student in Creative Coding - Story Telling at Leonel Castillo Community Center. Courtesy of Wanjun Zhang. October 29th, 2018.

How did you become involved as a volunteer with Code Park?

Coming from a programming background, I was always very keen to hear new ideas from developers around the town. In a Code-Club meetup, I met Amanda, co-founder of Code Park. She was a little busy helping few attendees with some UI issues. Being familiar with the issue, I offered my advise. As the conversation progressed, she introduced me to this amazing vision of and great team called Code Park.

Amanda and Wanjun eloquently shared with me the organization mission, volunteer expectations and time slots available. That's it! I knew I'm doing it. The very next day I taught my FIRST CLASS. It was just those few minutes of discussion that persuaded me to join the hands in contributing to this wonderful Code Park project!!!

Those little curious, knowledge-seeking minds with thirst to create stories is a magic that motivates me!
— Krishna, Code Park Volunteer

How did you first get into coding?

I have always been into problem solving. My interest in math leads me to opt in computer science for my bachelor's and master’s.

I still remember my first C program "calculator".  Until then, a computer, in my perspective, was something with supernatural power. And the moment my own program started responding, it really amazed me. It felt so great that I could make the computer work for me and more importantly as I wish. It behaved exactly how I programmed and shifted my view of computer from superpower to a powerful device following my instruction. From then there was no turning back! As the days progressed, the bar was raised with tougher challenges, and I kept on learning at my own pace. It made me feel like a kid standing at a candy store waiting for the excited output!

What is an interesting side project you’re working on?

With the quest to learn, I've enrolled in many online courses on Coursera, Edx, Udemy, most of which aren't related to my work in college. One such language is Python. As a tinkerer by heart, I could not hold back myself from meeting the Houston robotics team at weekends. The lab was amazing and the team was wonderful. I'm working with them to build a module to make a robot arm move, wave, pick up stuff, and throw. I’m learning a lot in this process!

I'm involved in cloud infrastructure (certified AWS developer), microservices, web scraping & boto3 automation. I've got some proof of concept to keep track of my progress, and I usually push them to GitHub. You can find more information about my projects and interest on my portfolio website.

What is your favorite classroom experience so far?

Every single session at Code Park was filled with enthusiastic, highly creative minds with great curiosity. Picking one session is definitely challenging. I think my favorite is the the one with which I got most emotionally connected. I will even call it my BEST experience so far.

One day I introduced the animated riddles (short brain teaser videos that engage the students in problem solving activities) to my students. They got super excited with the video and were completely engaged in discussing possible solutions. As I called the end of session, a little girl in the class turned up to me and gave me a tight long hug in front her parents. That made me feel very emotionally connected and gave me a sense of completeness for the day! Ever since then, as I explained the concepts with various examples, kids started drawing the characters of stories for me as a token of appreciation.

It's been such a wonderful journey with Code Park so far. The amazing team ignites me to give back more to the society!  I take this as an opportunity to thank Code Park and I look forward to many great events I can contribute to.

Krishna's high energy, knowledge, and passion with technology made her a very popular teacher in the classroom. Her passion motivated our students to continue exploring computer science and technologies. We are excited to see Krishna in our classrooms in future!

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